The difference between a tablet pc and a mobile phone

April 26,2021

Tablet pc and mobile phones both play important roles in life, but there are differences in usage, size, and appearance between the two.


shenzhen tablet pc


The difference betwee a tablet pc and a mobile phone


1. Appearance


Mobile phones are smaller, and tablet phones are larger. The left is the tablet phone, the right is the phone.


2. Form


The structure of a tablet computer is more complicated than that of a mobile phone. It can provide more interfaces and support more peripheral devices. Most of the tablet computers are a board with an LCD touch screen on the front, and the structure is very compact and simple.


3. Volume


Tablet computers normally use 7 to 10 inch screens. The overall volume is slightly larger than that of liquid crystals, and the thickness is not higher than 15mm. The thickness of second-generation tablet computers of first-line brands is mostly controlled within 1 cm, and the thickness of mobile phones is basically about 10 mm. But the screen is relatively small.


  Android 10 tablet


4. Focus on different functions


Tablet PCs focus on entertainment. They are normally used for viewing web pages, watching videos, reading books, and playing games, while mobile phones are suitable for daily communication, especially making calls and instant messaging with friends.


5. Use environment


Tablet computers and mobile phones are also suitable for mobile use. In terms of convenience, mobile phones can be used almost anywhere due to their smaller size, lighter weight, and simpler structure.


6. Communication & price


Compared with the mobile phone, the tablet computer has not many functions, and many tablet computers do not support the card to access the Internet. They all need to use wifi. It can be said that if the tablet computer leaves the network, then the tablet computer basically has nothing to do with it. And more importantly, tablet PCs generally can’t reach the communication function. It can’t make calls. So some communication costs can be saved, so that the price will be cheaper than that of mobile phones, because tablet pcs are connected to wifi, so compared to mobile phones, its cost will be lower.


In general, tablet pc and mobile phones belong to electronic products that are half computers and half phones, that is, tablets have the functions of mobile phones and can be inserted into sim cards. Today's smartphones also have similar functions to tablet pc. 


shenzhen tablet pc