Precautions for Using Children's Tablet Pc

April 09,2022

In real life, many children have all kinds of bad habits about the use of children's tablet computers, and parents are worried. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the following points:


children's tablet


Mode of use


Sit upright and use tools to hold the tablet at an appropriate angle.


The screen is slightly lower than the eye and 60-80cm away from the eye to prevent myopia and affect the development of the neck and shoulder.


Duration of use


They should have self-control, parents should supervise, appropriately limit and reduce the use time of tablet computers, and avoid being addicted to them all day. And blink from time to time during use to prevent staring at the screen for too long from affecting children's eye health. It's best to relax your eyes every half hour, look at the distance or do eye exercises.


Place of use


It is forbidden for children to bring tablet computers to schools and other places beyond the scope of parental monitoring, otherwise, it will affect children's normal learning. At the same time, children are not encouraged to play with tablets during bedtime.


On the contrary, children should be encouraged to take part in more outdoor sports to keep them physically and mentally healthy; At the same time, pay attention to cultivating children's communication skills, and parents can also actively participate to promote mutual feelings.


When selecting, parents had better open it and smell it. Be careful not to buy stationery with a pungent smell, abnormal taste, or strong smell.


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