How to Maintain the Tablet?

May 13,2022

We all know that the use and daily maintenance of anything is the fundamental guarantee for its long-term use. As a sophisticated technology product, the daily maintenance of tablet computers is more important.






The most important and expensive part of a tablet is the touch screen. The broken touch screen caused by accidental fall and collision accounts for the vast majority of tablet computer failures. Unfortunately, all tablet computer manufacturers do not provide a warranty for a broken touch screen, and the cost of replacing a touch screen is about 1 / 2 to 1 / 3 of the price of a tablet computer. Therefore, it is very important to prevent your tablet from accidental falling and collision.


Avoid interference


As an electronic device, the display effect of a tablet computer may be affected by the radiation interference of other electronic devices. Therefore, pay attention to avoid radiation interference. If the display effect is abnormal due to being too close to other electronic equipment, try to stay away from or turn off the equipment, that is, eliminate the source of electromagnetic interference The display may return to normal. Moreover, the tablet itself will have certain radiation interference when used, so please be careful not to use it on some sensitive occasions.




Most tablet computers are designed to operate at temperatures between 0-40 ℃, Don't expose your tablet to direct sunlight or place it in a place where the temperature will become very high (such as near the front window of the car, and don't put it in a place where the temperature is too low. In addition, when you quickly transfer from a place with high temperature to a place with low temperature, the tablet is likely to have "condensation" At this time, there will be tiny water droplets inside and outside the tablet. Don't open your tablet at this time, otherwise, it will be easily damaged.




The touch screen is the main working area of a tablet computer, and it is also the most important and expensive component. Touching the screen with your hand may leave oil stains on it. Sharp objects across the screen will leave scratches that can hardly be eliminated. These will seriously affect users to see the content on the screen. For these problems, we can prevent them by pasting a protective film on the surface of the touch screen. If you want to clean the screen, first spray a small amount of lens cleaner on a soft cloth, and then gently wipe the screen with a soft cloth. We must clean the screen before using the protective film. Also, before cleaning the touch screen, make sure the tablet is turned off and avoid spraying detergent directly on the screen. The protective film can also be cleaned according to the procedure of cleaning the screen.


Electric quantity


Generally, the battery of a tablet computer can provide about 10 hours of continuous working time. However, when you turn on the backlight, listen to music, or watch small movies, the power consumption of the tablet will increase sharply. Therefore, to ensure that your tablet can be used normally when you need it more, you should try to reduce or even completely turn off the backlight, listen to music or watch small movies without an external power supply, to save the limited power of the tablet.


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