2021 tablet purchase guide

September 16,2021

Precautions for tablet purchase





The size of tablet is between mobile phone and notebook, and the size of tablet on the market ranges from 7 inches to 12.9 inches. It is recommended to determine the size before buying, and then the budget and so on.


First of all, you should know that use 8.3 inches tablet watching video is certainly not as comfortable as 10 inches; When you go out, 8.3 inches tablet can be stuffed into your pocket and 12.9 inches have to carry a bag; When playing games, the small size is naturally more cool; Large size flat plate is generally used for codeword and drawing; For most people, buying a 10 inch tablet can make full use of it.




The so-called demand is the use scenario after buying a tablet. For communication and shopping, mobile phones are better than tablets; For large-scale games and professional software, laptops abuse tablets every minute. The role of tablet is between mobile phone and notebook. This middle zone is a good place for it to show its strength. It seems that the usage scenarios of the tablet are nothing more than the following:


  1. I want to have a better experience by watching moviesand TV plays. Bed, modular sofa,oem pouf, oem meeting chairoem visitor chair, meeting chair, toilet, flat panel is quite flexible in this regard;


  1. Students and the postgraduate entrance examination party take notesfor learning, and the tablet can meet most of the needs of learning;


  1. Productivity office is suitable for we media and white-collar workers. After all, many people don't want to carry heavy computer bags. Tablets are enough to meet work requirements.



How to choose a tablet?


What is the difference between tablet and mobile phone?


Many people say that a tablet is a "large mobile phone", which is reasonable, but as an intermediate form, a tablet also plays an irreplaceable role as a mobile phone. Let's take a look at its advantages and disadvantages:


Advantages: A larger screen can display more content. It is more comfortable to watch plays, courseware, PDF documents and take notes;

                      Larger battery capacity and stronger endurance;

                      Cheaper prices.


Disadvantages: Portability is not as good as mobile phone;

                          Can't make a phone call (4G / 5G tablet can be connected to mobile network, but it can't be used to make a phone call either);

                          The use experience of communication software (wechat and QQ) is not as good as that of mobile phone, and typing is very inconvenient, but video is OK;

                          Watch 16:9, especially 21:9 video programs, TV dramas and movies, and there will be large black frames on both sides of the tablet;

                          When playing games on a large tablet, the grip and operation experience are not very good.


After reading the above purchase guide, do you know how to choose a tablet? Of course, our company also has a variety of tablets with different models and different appearances for you to choose from. If necessary, please contact us!


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